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About Us

I have always had a passion for both designing and creating, and more than 35 years ago applied that artistic drive to woodworking. I built beautiful custom homes in Montecito for most of my career as a master finish carpenter, and am now shifting my focus to crafts by my own family business.

My family shares my love for woodworking! In fact, my wife Kristin and I first connected when I offered to teach her how to build a box, our first project (of MANY) together. Our son, Wesley, is fascinated with both traditional and modern woodworking tools, and our daughter, Kaelyn, loves to help with the design phase.

Our focus is currently on crafting high-quality cutting boards, which can be viewed on our products page. We also create custom signs, furniture, and other items.

I hope you find as much enjoyment in our products as we had in creating them!     

 --Curt Fischer

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